Ubuntu LVM Encrypted Partition Recovery

If, when booting your Ubuntu system, you get stuck at the initramfs prompt do the following.

  1. Boot from a Ubuntu live usb stick/cd.
  2. Go to a command prompt and type "sudo su -" to get to a root prompt.
  3. Do the following commands
    1. "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdaX somename" where X is the number of the encrypted lvm partition.

    2. "vgscan" to find out what the lvm volume group name is.

    3. "vgchange -ay" to activate that volume group

Product Review: Acer Aspire 5349 Laptop


I purchased the Acer Aspire 5349 for my kids to use because their current laptop, a Lenovo N200 3000, was having power issues and wouldn't turn on. The Acer was the cheapest laptop that MicroCenter had on the shelf and I didn't really look at the hardware specs other than the usual ram, hd, lcd size, so I was pleasently suprised by the Linux compatibility.

Software that starts with W.

So, I'm helping out my partner with a site that runs under software that starts with W. You all know what it is, marketing says it is "better" for the beginner. That may very well be so, but if you don't give the beginner better tools they will never get any better, thus keeping the web at the level of myspace. Remember that mess of html pages? Well, that software that starts with W is the same thing, just shinier.

Drupal gives you better tools all around.

Performance issue (Resolved)


Upgraded the nginx version to 1.0.10 and while testing noticed a very bad timeout with the php fpm backend. Since it was well past midnight and it didnt appear to be causing an issue with the Drupal 6.x sites, I decided to get some sleep and put the task of resolving the issue in the background.

Drupal 7 Upgrade


Finally upgraded (yea I'm slow). Spent some time writing a custom theme for the site, hope you like it. Little did I know that my choice of colors would be a foretelling of the first loss of the OSU Buckeye American Football team to the University of Michigan American Football team in something like 7 years, or so says the corporate media. I'm not an American Football fan so I could really care less, but I do think it is funny.


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